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Led Screens
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LED screens are ideal for installation inside and outside eg airports, shopping centers, to display information to the public, advertisements, flash video player, video live sports broadcasts, music shows, conferences, rallies, public events, corporate, etc. ..

The brightness of the LED only highlights the text ideally, including lit skylights or even if you have bright light where the screen is installed. The text, videos or graphics will appreciate high quality without loss of clarity in colors.

LED electronic displays offer a variety of video selection 6mm pixel pitch, 7.62mm, 10mm and offer the perfect solution to display a perfect image for your unique brilliance, even if the sun is hitting the front of the screen, over a distance of 10 meters over 200 meters this project an excellent quality even in matters of clarity.  

These displays may be Monochrome (single color LED), 3 in 1 (Three colors in one: green, red and yellow) and Full Colour (which have a high image definition, color correction, brightness adjustment .) Monochrome displays can be programmed Ethernet cable screens as 3 in 1. It has video input signal: Super video, composite video, HDTV, RGB, S, NTSC / PAL, PC VGA, etc.

Configuration and Installation of LED screens inside - outside

These screens have different settings screen (television or film-like 16:9 4:3) according to the specific need of each of our clients. Such are the optimal settings for you as a user experience will best possible video presentation.

Montaņez Sound is not only that we provide the format LED video screen that best suits your needs (indoor, outdoor, in small or large, etc.). Also ensures optimum performance of its products and provides service technician, so that any issues which might arise in the functioning of the screens can be solved in the shortestDeshacer cambios.